Keynote Speaking

"The best gift we can give to our children is when we heal ourselves!" 

Keynote Topics

Understand Residential School Impacts (45 Minutes)

Marcia’s experience and knowledge working with Residential school survivors and the intergenerational impacts of Residential schools allows her to provide insightful and compassionate education on the subject. Speaking to both survivors and other demographics, Marcia leaves her audience with a greater understanding of how the residential school legacy has impacted Indigenous Individuals, Families, and Community and how we all can move towards healing.

Don't Give Up - Keep Moving Forward (45 Minutes)

"Healing starts from the inside out and impact others around you." Marcia shares the importance of balance from a medicine wheel perspective, as well as providing tools to support and strengthen the healing process. Participants will be challenged to move forward and will leave with a greater understanding of purpose, plan, and potential.

Miyo-Pimatisowin = Healthy Lifestyles (45 Minutes)

This presentation addresses powerful tools to move forward in life. It talks about breaking the cycles of dysfunction and generational trauma. It takes a look at priorities and choices, addresses healing and self-care, and focuses on holistic health from the medicine wheel perspective. This presentation breaks down stereotypes and challenges individuals to look at their strengths and assets.

Arrows to the Heart - Understanding Lateral Violence (45 Minutes)

Lateral violence is when we intentionally or unintentionally hurt people that are closest to us: family, friends, co-workers, community. It is a learned behaviour that causes unnecessary stress and sickness. This workshops clarifies options to move forward and not be trapped in the snare of toxic thinking that holds people back.

Empower a Woman: Empower a Nation (45 Minutes)

As women we face a number of barriers such as gender bias, unequal pay, oppression and lateral violence. This workshop focuses on the power of women who know who they are, where they come from, and how they can raise up the next generation to be the strong powerful people they were created to be. There is strength in a unified vision. "Real Women Empower Others".

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